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Yay, our wishlist app is here! You can now download it for free! This is where you save your wishlists and those of your friends and family. You can also use it to invite others to collaborate.


Create wishlists for free is and remains free for you and everyone, you want to share your wishes with. We'll even give you something - besides to our online wishlist: Lots of gift ideas for children and adults. In case you don't know what to wish for. ;)

Create a wishlist

Without registration

You can simply fill in and send your wish list without registering. However, we recommend creating a free account so that you don't have to save all the links to your wish lists as bookmarks. We treat your data confidentially.

Create a wishlist

Suitable for everyone

Every child can do that - and grandma and grandpa! We created with the concept. Simply create a wish list, add wishes and look forward to gifts. The wishlists are intended for everyone who is online but sometimes wants to shop offline.

Create a wishlist

Intuitive & easy to use

Our goal: The online wish list should be easy to use. Even children and grandparents should be able to simply create a wish list and buy gifts for others. No desperate calls because everything is complicated!

Create a wishlist

Create a free wishlist - your wishlist app is free - forever. Filling a wishlist should make you happy and increase the anticipation of receiving presents. That's why we promise you: You don't have to pay for our service, not even with data.

Your data will be saved anonymously. Your unsubscribe from the outside world cannot be found unless you share them with friends and family. our online wish list also works without registration. You keep your data and thus your secrets to yourself. You only reveal what you want from your loved ones. We keep our fingers crossed that these wishes will come true. :)

Simply understandable for grandparents

You are fed up that your wishlist is bound to a specific shopping platform because grandma and grandpa have difficulties fulfilling the wishes? We feel you! allows the creation of free wishlists, to which you can add all the products of your favorite shops (including offline shops!).

Grandma and grandpa can now look for what is the easiest for them - e.g. in the shop around the corner. With a single click, they reserve the desired wish for you and are hence independent from online shops.

Wishlists for every occasion

Find gifts with ease: Why don't you create a wishlist for your baby's birthday, your children, for christmas, for easter or for your very wedding!? Your imagination knows no boundaries. Hence it should be as simple as possible: Create a wishlist, share them with friends, reserve a gift, as often as you want.

You are planning a secret bachelor farewell, grandma's 85th birthday or organize a baby shower for a friend? You throw a barbecue party and everyone should bring something? You invite people to a board gaming evening or brunch with your favorite ones? No matter what you use our online wishlist for, is easy to use and suitable for every occasion.

What's your next event?: Birthday, wedding, enrollment, christmas, easter or brunch? With, you can build your own wishlist for every occasion. How about a wishlist for the golden wedding of your grandparents you organize? Or you start with yourself and your most secret wishes?

Create a wishlist